Club Spring Event - Bristol

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  • Parking at Oldfield Place (Free on Sundays - no time restrictions)
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  • *** UPDATE ***
    We have a plan …
    Sunday 19th May 2019

    One route - 2 rides
    50 miles for everyone
    As we are a large group (18 riders) we are spitting the ride to our first stop into two with a 20min gap - suggestion is that faster riders go second.

    Meet at and depart from Bristol City Council Carpark, Oldfield Place, Bristol, BS8 4QJ
    at around 9am (leaving Buckingham (Gandertons (Swan) Garage) on London Road))
    NB 2m height restriction at the carpark - looks like there is space on the road side to load/unload roof mounted bikes)

    We will all meet up at The Almshouse Tea Shop in Axbridge at about 10:45 - 11:00 after a fairly flat 1st half for tea and buns
    (see map and profile below - Axbridge is at the 40k mark)
    The Almshouse Tea Shop

    From here the intention is for the whole group (again may be sensible to split slightly) to ride up Cheddar Gorge with a tail wind and on towards Bristol for fish and chips.

    Note - you can change after the ride in the vans

    We have kind offers of transport from members (suggest that everyone pays the driver a £10er)
    John G - Van. 5 passengers, 6 bikes
    Adam P - Van. 5 passengers, 6 bikes
    James T - Car. 4 passengers, 3 bikes
    Anton - Car. 3 from Claydon, 3 bikes
    Jeff - Car. making his own way there, 1 bike

    How does that sound?


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  • 6:30pm until 7:30pm isn’t very long.....😂😂
    Not helpful I know......
    Can I invite a Bristolian friend?
    Thanks for organising Pat. I look forward to it and hope I have managed to get some practice in by then!!

  • Cheers Jeff - How long are you thinking it will take?
    Yes - of course please do, any friend of your’s is a friend of mine.
    Also ask him/her to take a look at the route, bit of local knowledge and all that

  • Looks good. Only thought on the route (and I say this not knowing Bristol at all really, apart from it is busy and takes a while to drive through it) what's the thinking re starting in the city itself vs starting somewhere more in the country? This is intended to be a constructive comment!

  • Good point James - I’ll check out parking and traffic. Really wanted to start in the Clifton area, but of course we could start anywhere on the circlular route.

  • I'm good for the 19th

  • As far as I know I’m good for the 19th. Riding through cheddar gorge would be great

  • Looks like this is going to be a great trip - will have a pre trip meeting over a beer mid April

  • Oh do we have to 😂😉

  • I'll be in for my first club trip. Luke

  • Looks like this is going to be a good one!

  • Hi Pat, happy to plan a shorter (maybe slightly slower!) route for us C riders.

  • Hi Pat,
    In the diary , would love to come.
    I do have a 4 bike carrier , happy to drive if needed.
    Looking forward to it.

  • Get planning then @Niall it would be to have an alternative for you boys to. Where to start/ Stop will be the challenge?

  • @Niall see the .gpx file attached

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  • Thanks Paul

  • I have shortened Pat's route by 10 miles so down to 43miles/69 km - just need to lose a short section of A road at Backwell on the way out. For us Cheddar Gorge is at mile 22, then climb for 5 miles !!!!!!!
    Any thoughts?

  • Well done, can you load the .gpx file for us to view, Pat as I said was looking to change it a bit to miss out the A370 at Blackwell back in, need a get together I’m thinking with Pat to synchronise the two routes and rework accordingly.

  • Sorry guys - too keen to show you sp pressed post without attachment!

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  • Thank Niall you need to tweek your route as there is a little diversion! around the 14th mile mark ok. Still think that they both need changing at the end to avoid the A370 but that can easily do sorted later.

  • Looking great in principle - thanks for looking at this Niall.
    Will be looking to avoid the A370
    Anymore for any more?

  • While i was in France, saw my little cousin who forgot to tell me he is getting married on Saturday 18th May, not many occasions to see the extend family (last wedding of that generation) I wish i could do both wedding and cycling but not possible, sadly i won't be joining you on the trip.
    I am very very sorry.

  • Aww, that’s a shame (but totally understand)
    Will be planning something else before IoW in September

    looks like it’s all Mamils then

  • Meeting at the Mitre @ Buckingham on Thursday 25 7:30pm. Please attend if you can make it. Want to nail down routes and logistics. Will also share on WhatsApp group.

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Club Spring Event - Bristol

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