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    The British Cycling new update is as follows:
    This page was last updated on: Tuesday 22 December 2020.
    ***What can I do if I live in a Tier 4 area in England?***
    Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Saturday 19 December we are suspending all sanctioned activities in Tier 4 areas in England, with the exception of outdoor activities for under-18s and disabled people.
    Staying active is important, and those living in Tier 4 areas can continue to cycle – however they must either do this alone, with members of their household/bubble or with one person from outside their household/bubble.
    Those living in Tier 4 areas should not leave their areas to take part in cycling activities or events.

    I think the last statement of staying in our area is impossible to achieve as we so close to the borders! So I would say that if we do stray into Tier 2 (Oxford/N’ants/Beds etc) then do not stop at any refreshment venues, therefore only use Tier 4 Takeaways.

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    As I’m sure you are aware with Bucks moving from Tier 3 to Tier4 all Club activities have been suspended with immediate effect as of Sunday 20th until further notice.
    I’m sure that you will all be in agreement so please stay save and already looking forward to seeing all you wonderful Swan’s in the new year!

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    Happy to lead a second group 😊

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    Looking to wet for me so ducking out, see you all soon!

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    Meet at 9:15 at the Swan Pool for the 9:30 depart. Assemble Points C & L.
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    Thanks Niall a great option, let’s just see who books in, then if required 😉

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    Our first Club midweek ride for a while will see us head for the Barn @ Stratton Audley on a forecasted bright, chilly winters morning so wrap up warm and hope to see at the Pool but firstly please hit the Attending Button if you’re up for it?
    The usual protocols apply with social distancing and ride of 6 max - so 2nd RL may be required.

    Garmin Route is https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course­/46794275

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    Hi all, it’s time for a more positive COVID-19 Update this time as we have now exited the November Lock-down and been moved into Tier 2, we can now resume our rides back together but still with the multiple “groups of 6” protocols and the “social distance rules” that still apply to us all and we will organise these accordingly as we did previously.

    So the call has now gone out looking for volunteers to your Ride Leaders for this Sunday’s rides, so while I’m on this subject It’s sad to report that due to the pressures of work Guy Wood has sadly stepped down from his Ride Leader Role & from the committee, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him again for all his hard work over the last couple of years in this demanding role! Thankfully Niall Brash has picked up the baton and is now off and running organising the RL’s for us all so don’t be shy! and we would be more than happy to enlist more if any you fancy this fun activity.

    On the subject of your Committee with the departure of Guy that means that we will now have 3 Roles with Malcolm (Chairperson) & Pat (Webmaster) to fill once we can get back together properly with an AGM - and yes they will need filling, so you’ve been warned! So in due course we will be looking to fill these roles and if you feel you are able & willing to help the wonderful Club just let me know.
    Regards to all